The Methods K-Pop Idols Use To Secretly Date, According To Celebrities

Idols go far lengths to date in secret.

K-Pop idols dating can always be a sensitive topic, as many fans are not in favor of their favorite celebrities dating. This is why idols choose to date in secret, as they don’t want to cause a scandal. A YouTube channel by the name of “SatisfyingAndRelaxing” compiled some moments where Korean celebrities listed some of the ways idols secretly date, here are a few of those methods.

1. Secret glances

The Idol Star Athletics Championships is a program where many idols come together. Idols who are dating can secretly exchange glances here.

Idols can also do secret glances in other situations.

2. Secretly passing information

This a common method, as idols can secretly pass each other notes when they happen to be at the same place, such as music shows.

Idols can also use people like stylists and dancers as bridges to exchange information.

3. Picking certain locations and times

Idols will usually go on dates during times when there are only a few people, such as during the night.

Idols also prefer going on dates at locations where they are seen as little as possible.

A popular place that idols go on dates on is inside their cars, as it can be hard for people to spot them if they stay inside. Yet, reporters have found a way to catch idols when they use this method.

Idols may also go to restaurants of certain people they know, and ask that they don’t leak any information.

There is more in the full video below!

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