9 Reasons You Have To Watch NCT 127’s “Wakey-Wakey” Right Now

If you’re not awake after this…

NCT 127’s most recent Japanese release encourages you to ‘Wakey-Wakey,’ and they sure give you plenty of reasons to do so.


Exhibit #1: Lost In A Dream

If the opening instrumental and dreamy choreography doesn’t reel you in, nothing can. They flow together so well that it creates a dream-like ambiance in combination with the dark, unfocused visuals.

Exhibit #2: Mark’s Vocals

Not only do we get to Mark’s signature rapping, we’re gifted with his gentle singing.

Exhibit #3: Abs

With just an ab flash, the typical image of a cheerful, smiling Yuta is replaced with a serious Yuta ready to wreck your bias list.

Exhibit #4: High Note Haechan

Haechan hitting those high notes are a blessing to the ears. (Welcome back.)

Exhibit #5: Aesthetics, Aesthetics, Aesthetics

The video is aesthetically pleasing with dramatic shifts from colorful to dark and everyone’s visuals are stunning.

Exhibit #6: An Unexpected Crop Top

Jaehyun is known for his muscular body and intense workouts, and now for wearing crop tops.

Exhibit #7: Doyoung & Taeil’s Soulful Voices

It’s no secret that Doyoung and Taeil are amazing vocalists, but their talent is highlighted with this particular song.

Exhibit #8: Jaehyun’s Rap

Since the early days of NCT, Jaehyun hasn’t rapped on a song. Luckily, Rapper Jaehyun has made a long-awaited comeback.

Honorable Mention: Skater Boy Johnny Seo

You can either hate it or love it, but it’s certainly a look. (And, still better than Twilight.)

If these aren’t enough reasons to “Wakey-Wakey,” you can check out the video for yourself.


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