4 Most Hilarious Things “Minari” Actress Youn Yuh Jung Said In Her Oscars Acceptance Speech

“Mr. Brad Pitt, finally!”

Actress Youn Yuh Jung made everyone laugh with her acceptance speech at the 93rd Academy Awards! On April 26, she became the first Korean actress to win an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her performance in the film Minari.

Youn Yuh Jung previously brought laughter with her acceptance speech at this year’s BAFTA Film Awards, where she thanked “snobbish” British people.


This time around, her speech was just as memorable. In no particular order, here are the four funniest things she said!

1. Brad Pitt

The first words to come out of Youn Yuh Jung’s mouth were directed towards actor Brad Pitt! Hilariously, she jokingly asked him where he was when she was filming Minari.

Mr. Brad Pitt, finally! Nice to meet you. Where were you when we were filming? It’s an honor to meet you.

— Youn Yuh Jung

2. Her many names

Some people still pronounce Youn Yuh Jung’s name incorrectly, but she amiably forgave them all, saying, “But tonight, you are all forgiven.

As you know, I’m from Korea. And actually, my name is Yuh Jung Youn, and most of you people call me Yuh Youn and some of them call me You Jung. But tonight, you are all forgiven.

— Youn Yuh Jung

3. The typical speech

After thanking the Academy Award members who voted for her to win Best Actress in a Supporting Role, she quipped that she was following the typical acceptance speech outline.

Tremendous thanks to the Academy members who voted for me. And that’s the speech they usually say.

— Youn Yuh Jung

4. Her two boys

Towards the end of her speech, she didn’t forget to mention her two children. Of course, she didn’t say the usual things! She thanked them for making her “go out and work.

I’d like to thank my two boys who make me go out and work. This is the result because mommy worked so hard.

— Youn Yuh Jung

Watch actress Youn Yuh Jung’s hilarious acceptance speech below!

Source: Twitter