Here Are The “Mix Nine” Finalists Who Are Set To Debut

Mix Nine aired their final episode, where they revealed the top 9 members of the male and the top 9 of the female group.

Top 9 – Male Group

9. Lee Byounggon (YG Entertainment)

8. Lee Donghun (Beat Entertainment)

7. Kim Minseok (WM Entertainment)

6. Song Hangyeom (Staro Entertainment)

5. Choi Hyunsuk (YG Entertainment)

4. Kim Byeongkwan (Beat Interactive)

3. Lee Rubin (Liveworks Company)

2. Kim Hyojin (WM Entertainment)

1. Woo Jinyoung (Happyface Entertainment)

Top 9 – Female Group

9. Lee Ha Young (Coridel Entertainment)

8. Jang Hyogyeong (Star Empire Entertainment)

7. Kim Sori (Mole Entertainment)

6. Choi Moonhee (Maroo Entertainment)

5. Nam Yujin (Base Camp Entertainment)

4. Jeon Heejin (Blockberry Creative)

3. Park Soomin (IME Korea)

2. Lee Soomin (FAVE Entertainment)

1. Shin Ryujin (JYP Entertainment)

However, at the end of the show, the boy group outvoted the girl group, naming them as the debut group of the show.

The male group will be debuting sometime within this year.

Source: Naver TV