6 Moments From WayV’s Latest Episode of “The Lonely Master Chef XIAO” That Anyone Who Has Ever Cooked Will Relate To

There’s a little Master Chef Xiao in all of us!

WayV‘s Xiaojun is back with another episode of his cooking series The Lonely Master Chef XIAO.

In this episode, Xiaojun made condensed milk toast with peanut butter, and his cooking process is super relatable from start to finish!

1. When he felt like he was whisking eggs forever

Ever wondered why whisking feels like it goes on and on for an eternity? So has Xiaojun!

2. When the bread was so beautiful he had to stop and admire it


3. When he was annoyed that the stove was taking too long to heat up

Come on stove, he can’t wait all day!

4. When he perfectly flipped his toast and got excited

Nothing beats the feeling of successfully flipping food!

5. When he felt personally victimized by the protective seal on the condensed milk bottle

How does everyone always forget to take the seal off first?

6. When he finally tasted the toast and yelled “wow”

A true chef loves the taste of his own cooking!

See the full episode below!