8 Moments Of Apink Naeun’s Incredibly Graceful Dance Lines

Naeun is such a wonderful performer!

Apink‘s Naeun is an incredible dancer, and as the group’s lead dancer, has some incredible dance lines!

Here are 8 moments of her dance lines for you to appreciate!

1. Queen of proportions!

Her incredible proportions make her dance lines look so smooth and clean!

2. Intro Naeun

Naeun in the intro of a performance is just a recipe for perfection!

3. This “Dumhdurum” move

Naeun making eye-contact with the camera during this move is *chef’s kiss*

4. Hitting every move

She’s slaying every single move here!

5. Dance practice

Naeun’s dance practice cams are legendary!

6. Sexy queen

Apink is known for their pure, innocent concept, but Naeun killed it here with her sexy dance routine!

7. Another dance practice in leggings

“Mr. Chu” era Naeun is so iconic!

8. Incredible stage presence

Naeun is on fire!

Visuals and talents, she’s the complete package!


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