30+ Moments From BTS Jungkook’s Legendary Birthday Live Broadcast That You Need To See

Happy birthday, Jungkook! 🥳

BTS‘s Jungkook held a live broadcast, beginning it just a little while before his birthday officially began. He appropriately titled the live stream “Happy Birthday To Me.” Jungkook included ARMYs in his singing session as he took their song requests and even composed a new song with their help songwriting. He ultimately went into his birthday morning as he did a nearly 3-hour long live broadcast.

So, here’s 30+ moments in no particular order but that you absolutely need to see…

1. The return of “Party party yeah!”

2. Being an English king

3. Writing a song from ARMY comments

4. Adding harmonies to the song

5. His smile alone is instant serotonin

Please, we’re emo right now.

6. When he imitated Jin’s iconic “STOP IT”

For reference…

7. When he spoke Spanish

8. When J-Hope ran in at exactly midnight to wish Jungkook “Happy birthday!”

9. When they might have spoiled something

10. Cake mukbang

11. When J-Hope came back with another cake

12. When he not only acknowledged “Paradise” but gave us a live performance we have all been waiting for

13. When he started to sing aespa’s “Next Level”

14. When he hit those high notes in “Dimple”

15. When he vibed with some R&B

16. He did a lot of ASMR

17. “Born Singer” Jungkook

18. We’re still with you 💜

19. Jungkook really sang all of our favorite songs, including “Pied Piper”

20. When he did the choreography for “Let Go”

21. The return of rapper Jungkook for “2! 3!”

22. His little dance for “Mic Drop”

23. We went from celebrating the start of the fall season with “Autumn Leaves…”

24. To remembering “Spring Day”

25. When he accidentally read “Marry Me” while trying to read off ARMYs’ song requests

26. When Jungkook forgot about “Heartbeat”

27. This raw vocal version of “Rain” that we’ll never get over

28. When he accidentally changed the lyrics to “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”

29. The always iconic “Film Out”

30. The harmonization for “Sea”

31. Jungkook truly gave his best with “Best Of Me”

32. His singing of “Mikrokosmos” is so beautiful

33. When he gave Jimin a SO during “Home”

34. “Love Maze”

35. Our favorite version of “Waste It On Me”

36. His lockscreen

37. When he revealed his true form

38. When he showed off some of his imitations

Source: BTS