10+ Must-See Moments From BTS Suga’s 30th Birthday Live Broadcast

It was filled with special guests and cats!

BTS‘s Suga held a live broadcast via Weverse to celebrate his 30th birthday. Here are 10+ must-see moments, in no particular order, that every ARMY needs to see.

1. Suga and his cat balloon

2. He’s in party mode.

3. Shoutout to TXT’s Soobin!

4. Listen to your hyung, Jimin!

5. Not @ J-Hope and the maknae line all being absolutely whipped for Suga

6. Jimin was truly dedicated.

7. Suga revealed that what he wanted for his birthday was our happiness!

8. Suga proving he’s not only BTS’s Lead Rapper but a skilled vocalist

9. Suga’s mom is just like us.

10. Waiting for Suga to start an ASMR channel

11. The Suga and Agust D cats are too cute!