Here’s 10 Moments From BTS’s Tokopedia Interview That Everyone Should Get To See

Missed their interview? We got you!

BTS has collaborated with Indonesian technology company Tokopedia. Recently, they hosted an event together which featured the members playing games and doing an interview.

Here are 10 moments you need to see…

1. Jimin was wildin’

2. The Golden Maknae strikes again

3. Tornado Jin

4. RM joining J-Hope as best reactor and sound effect maker

5. Jungkook’s song recommendation for new ARMYs

6. Jin compared Tokopedia to “IDOL”

7. Lil Meow Meow

8. Jungkook explaining why birthdays are special to him

9. When Jungkook revealed he should be BTS’s leader

10. What song of theirs that they associate with ARMY

Watch more below:

Source: Tokopedia


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