3 Moments That Have Fans Looking Forward To Red Velvet Irene’s Upcoming Birthday Party

These three moments will have you counting down the days.

After a very long wait, SM Entertainment announced Red Velvet‘s Irene will be holding a birthday party event on April 13 at the YES24 LIVE HALL. Over 1000 lucky ReVeluvs will be able to attend, a venue almost double the size of her fellow members, and enjoy spending time with Irene as she celebrates her birthday.

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Birthday party events are loved by fans of every idol, it’s the perfect way to spend some time together playing games, sharing stories, and sometimes even watching your favorite idols perform! Among many others, Irene is known to entertain her fans in the best ways possible, as she has been able to make her birthday parties unforgettable days for those present. Proof of this are these special five moments from her previous birthday parties in 2017 and 2019 that guarantee her upcoming one will be a great time!

Irene at her 2019 birthday party. | @fragrance0329/Twitter

1. “Candy” Performance

Perhaps one of the sweetest moments shared between Irene and ReVeluvs, the time she sang Red Velvet’s “Candy” so beautifully it brought the entire venue to tears definitely deserves the top spot.

The group’s leader has shared many times that “Candy” is one of her favorite songs, paired with the emotional lyrics it’s totally understandable why fans got so emotional when listening to her sing. Though, the most tearjerking moment of the cover came when Irene herself teared up and stopped singing for a minute. Following the loud cheers of all fans in the venue, Irene finished the cover sweetly and thanked the fans for their support.

Recently, Irene revealed she will be singing at her upcoming birthday party too and we can’t wait to see what song she chooses this year.

2. Never Seen Before Footage

When it comes to her fans, Irene is extremely thoughtful. Since the idol is quite inactive on social media, only posting once every few months, she is possibly aware that ReVeluvs are constantly wanting to see more and more pictures of her.

So it was super sweet when Irene revealed countless of photos and videos taken during the time she spent in Europe. The footage was completely new and never seen before by fans, making the moment extra special.

Another sweet detail is the fact that Irene promised to post the pictures on Instagram to a fan who had missed out on them, and she kept that promise as soon as she created her personal account.

3. Special Photocards

Known by the majority of K-Pop fans as the “Photocard Master,” in particular among those who collect these goods, Irene knows the importance the little cards hold to fans.

Everyone was impressed and overjoyed when she gave out special photocards made specifically for her birthday event only. The photocards are now among the rarest and most wanted ones in K-Pop, as there are only a few hundred of them out there.

| @luvy_duck/Twitter

In another instance, during her special birthday video in 2021, Irene shared she had prepared polaroid pictures to hand out at her birthday party that year too. Unfortunately, the event couldn’t be held due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Irene made sure to show them to fans through her YouTube video.

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