7 Scenes From BIGBANG’s Still Life MV That Forebode Their Last Farewell

BIGBANG is forever!

V.I.P.s are undoubtedly going through it at the moment. On the one hand, fans are thrilled to see BIGBANG make their long-awaited return. On the other, however, upon seeing the MV for “Still Life,” many fans say this comeback may be the group’s last together. Here are seven scenes from the group’s latest MV that hint at a long goodbye.

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1. G-Dragon‘s Fade To White Moment

G-Dragon is seen staring back at his audience at the concert when the audience fades out, along with the scene hinting at the leader moving on from the group.

G-Dragon in Still Life music video | BigBang/YouTube

2. T.O.P. Rabbit On The Moon

T.O.P is shown in this scene wearing a rabbit mask on the moon alone. He walks towards the darkness alone but not before giving fans one last heart-wrenching look that encapsulates so many feelings. So many feels!

T.O.P in Still Life music video | BigBang/YouTube

3. Taeyang Psalms 30 Verse 11

Taeyang‘s scene features the Bible Psalms 30 Verse 11, which reads, “You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy.” The verse alludes to Taeyang being thankful for the memories of the group.

Taeyang in Still Life music video | BigBang/YouTube

4. Daesung Watching His Younger Self

Daesung is shown watching his younger self before slowly walking away. The scene shows the singer walking away from his brighter younger self and towards a darker, more uncertain future.

Daesung in Still Life music video | BigBang/YouTube

5. Life

From the scene where “LIFE” appears in the music video, the members are shown walking toward their respective sets, symbolizing that they are all walking different paths in life.

Still Life music video | BigBang/YouTube

6. The Docked Boat

The boat labeled “LIFE” is seen docked in the music video showing that life as BIGBANG members have reached its destination, alluding to the fact that the members will be moving forward from their lives away from the group.

Taeyang in Still Life music video | BigBang/YouTube

7. Four Chairs

Are any words necessary? The scene speaks for itself, but V.I.P.s know that no other group will ever take their place, vacated or otherwise.

Still Life music video | BigBang/YouTube
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