Here Are 10+ Times Jessi Adorably Gushed Over BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Jessi is Lisa’s #1 fan!

Jessi is a bad a** rapper who’s always honest and not afraid to express herself! One thing she has consistently expressed is her love for BLACKPINK‘s Lisa! Just at the mention of BLACKPINK, Jessi can’t help but obsess over Lisa and her amazing qualities!

Here are 10+ times Jessi fangirled over BLACKPINK’s Lisa

1. Jessi wants a daughter like Lisa

In this live broadcast, Jessi gushed over Lisa’s personality and expressed her desire to have a daughter just like Lisa! Jessi also praised Lisa’s insane dancing skills!

2. Jessi will always compliment Lisa

Not only does Lisa have talent, but she also has the cutest face! Jessi expressed how much she loves Lisa’s visuals!

3. Jessi is a lucky BLINK!

Jessi received BLACKPINK’s EP from Lisa and she even signed it with a cute message! Jessi of course fangirled over the moment on Instagram!

4. She lets everyone know!

Jessi even replied to a user’s comment to let everyone know that Lisa is stunning on and off camera!

5. She chose Lisa

Jessi commented on this Instagram post that asked, “Lisa or Jessi? Who looks more beautiful?” While both Lisa and Jessi are gorgeous, Jessi replied, “Why ya’ll even compare…. Obviously Lisa 😍❤❤❤❤”

6. She loves Lisa’s baby voice

Like every BLINK, Jessi can’t get over how adorable Lisa is. Not only does Jessi love Lisa’s cute visuals, but also her cute baby voice!

7. Iconic

These three bad a** women stole our hearts with these cute pictures!

8. It’s been confirmed by Jessi herself!

Jessi confirmed that Lisa is, in fact, her baby!

9. BLACKPINK’s Lisa won a trophy and a hug from Jessi!

Jessi couldn’t miss hugging Lisa and it’s the most precious moment you’ll ever see!

10. Please make this happen!

Jessi really wants the members of BLACKPINK as guests on her show Showterview With Jessi! This has to happen! She even expressed her love for Rosé‘s song “On the Ground.”

11. Yes, Lisa will forever be the cutest baby out there!

Everyone in the room just needed a moment to gush over Lisa’s cuteness!

12. We all need a supportive friend like Jessi

Whether it’s online or in-person, Jessi always shows her support for Lisa!

13. Seriously, when is this happening?

Hopefully, BLACKPINK will appear on Showterview With Jessi soon! I’m sure they’ll be plenty of adorable moments to come out of it!

14. Jessi has a good eye for talent!

During one of her live broadcasts, Jessi boasted about Lisa and praised her dance skills: “I think she’s one of the best dancers I’ve ever seen.

15. Bonus!

On an episode of BLACKPINK House, Lisa quoted one of Jessi’s most iconic lines from Unpretty Rapstar!