5+ Times BTS’s “Uncle Namjoonie” RM Proved Himself Great With Kids

Who doesn’t love RM?

BTS‘s RM earned himself a new nickname!

Kid (left) and RM (right). | @BTS_twt/Twitter

Recently, RM shared via Instagram that he received a birthday gift from a kid who referred to him as “Uncle Namjoonie,” proving kids love him!

| @rkive/Instagram


To Uncle Namjoonie
I really wish you a happy birthday, Uncle Namjoonie, I wish you would always be happy. Triangle kimbap-ie must’ve taken all of your worries and left.
Only good things from now on.

— Letter to RM from kid


So, here are 5+ times RM proved to be great with kids…

1. RM’s reaction to kids in the audience at PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE 

2. RM saying that kids “are the future” while watching the “Permission to Dance” MV

3. William and Bentley Hammington being RM’s biggest fans

4. Playing with kids

5. His love for small things

6. Performing and playing with Sarang at 2019 Gayo Daejeon

7. “Raising Jungkook”

Let’s not forget that the maknae chose Big Hit Entertainment of all K-Pop companies because of him!