Here Are 9 Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 135 You Need To See Right Now

The members were wildin’ in this unique version of hide-and-seek. 😂

In episode 135 of Run BTS!, BTS continues to compete against each other in the third part of their “Workshop Special” series.

In their final assignment, they play a game of hide-and-seek as they are given items related to K-Pop and Korean traditions to protect. The members must pick a card first that will assign them their item, then they hide them. A member will get points for succeeding to protect their item but they will also get points if they correctly guess another member’s item as well as its owner.

Here are nine of the best moments from episode 135 that you need to see right now!

1. When Jungkook just used his entire pants as a pocket

No commentary.

2. No one knows what Jimin was doing

Even the editors are asking ARMY for help to figure it out.

3. The cameraman helping Jin

As they should.

4. When V prayed for guidance

His angel is always available to help him!

5. When Jimin just exposed V

Just a couple of minutes into the episode, Jimin chose to attack V. 😂

6. The editors woke up and chose violence

BTS are not exempt from the editors’ judgment. 😂

7. Jimin gave himself away

Having been his friend and roommate all these years, J-Hope knows when Jimin is lying!

8. When Jungkook got excited over his card

His smile. 🥺

9. No one is free from Jin’s teasing

Especially Jimin. 😂

Source: BTS