Here’s 10+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Episode 148 That You Need To See

BTS are now interior decorators!

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BTS become interior decorators in episode 148 of Run BTS! as the theme is “Field of Experience Life.” Divided into two teams, one led by Suga and the other led by Jin, they began decorating two rooms.

Here are 10+ moments from the episode that you need to see…

1. Jimin’s search for the drill

2. Team Jin hyping up their teammate J-Hope

3. Jungkook doing his part by shouting first so the other team members can answer

4. NamJin being in sync

5. Jungkook’s random dancing throughout the episode

6. Same, J-Hope

7. Big Brain

8. It’s not Run BTS! if they don’t get ultra-competitive

9. This is perhaps the funniest moment in the entire episode

10. Vante in action

11. The members highlighting Suga’s love for architecture

12. “Oppa Gangnam Style!”

13. Jimin and Jungkook roleplaying

14. J-Hope’s reaction to Jin picking him for his team

Source: BTS