10+ Moments From “Run BTS!” Special Episode Mini Field Day Part 2 That You Need To See

It’s a much-needed serotonin boost!

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BTS returned with Part 2 of Run BTS! Special Episode, “Mini Field Day,” featuring the members competing in sports. Check out some of the must-see moments below!

1. J-Hope is just like us.

2. Son Jimin: The King of Entertainment Soccer

3. Jin vs. Joon

4. Man down!

5. Soccer Pro Jin

6. Sporty Suga

7. Jin and Jungkook hugging

8. Group hug!

9. J-Hope sandwich

10. This controversial opinion…

11. Is it getting hot in here?

12. V singing “The Astronaut”

13. MCs Jimin and Jungkook

14. Jin’s M-Countdown win