10 Moments From “Beyond LIVE – SHINee: SHINee WORLD” Poster Photoshoot That Radiated Sibling Energy

Whenever SHINee is together, there’s bound to be chaos! 😂

The SHINee members recently did a photoshoot for their upcoming live concert broadcast, Beyond LIVE – SHINee: SHINee WORLD. While the guys were all business individually, together, chaos ensued! Here are 10 moments from their group photoshoot that radiated sibling energy.

1. Taemin is their baby!

2. Key rejecting Minho’s affection 😂

3. Wearing your sibling’s things as your own

4. Disciplining the mischievous youngest sibling

5. Everything about this 😂

6. Untying laces

7. Fighting over who gets to sit where

8. Who can kick the highest?

9. Resting on their shoulders

10. Lifting each other up

You can watch the full video below.

Source: SHINee