“When Someone Shat In Their Own Bathtub”—And 10 Other Memorable Tweets From Ex-MOMOLAND Member Daisy

Spoiler: one of them was the Korean version of “Kenough.”

K-Pop fans may recognize Daisy as the former rapper of MLD Entertainment girl group MOMOLAND. After leaving the group in 2020, she began living a normal life while posting semi-regularly on social media.

Daisy has built a loyal following online thanks to her unfiltered words, hilarious personality, and occasional exposés on the entertainment industry.

She dropped the latest one on September 27, revealing that someone defecated “in their own bathtub.”

Her guess was that they were in an urgent situation and couldn’t hold it in any longer.

In line with that thought, Daisy has many more posts from this year that were memorable due to a variety of reasons.

Check them out below!

1. Suing Mean Comments

First up, she recently made headlines for revealing that whenever a company sues netizens for posting mean comments, the legal expense actually comes from the idol’s pockets.

She sarcastically apologized to the “old men” who are at the helm of these predatory practices.

2. Kenough Korean Version

She was also garnered a high engagement rate on her post sharing that the Korean translation of “Kenough,” the quote from the movie Barbie, was based on the word gwenchana (“it’s okay”).

3. The Idol

Just like the rest of the internet, HBO‘s The Idol left the rapper confused.

4. Karina Stan

She admitted that seeing aespa‘s Karina up close “changed [her] life.”

5. Yuna Stan

She also loves ITZY‘s Yuna!

6. Meme Master

Her humor is the kind that Gen Zs love, as seen in this Wiki-based meme.

7. Waterproof

She always splashes a dose of relatability on each personal post.

8. Quotable Quotes

Even netizens who aren’t on the K-Pop side of social media find her funny.

9. Body Positivity

On a more serious note, Daisy also says things on her account that people need to hear.

10. Lawsuit Results

Finally, her post about finally winning her lawsuit against MLD Entertainment was one that many fans were waiting for.

She’s definitely a content creator to look out for!

Source: X (Twitter)