Here’s How MOMOLAND’s JooE Looked Before She Became The Viral Tropicana Girl

Like a totally different person!

1. The same old silly JooE.

2. The JooE as a typical high schooler.

3. The same bright ball of energy!

4. The master of trends! Talk about bleached eyebrows and bright red lips.

5. Who would’ve guessed she would become the famous face of Tropicana?

6. Such a beautiful girl!

7. Fun Fact: She’s been best friends with WJSN’s Yeonjung since school!

8. Making the cutest faces together!

9. The prettiest pair of princesses~ πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

10. But JooE’s always had that sense of hilariously hyper energy!

11. She looked so different from her Tropicana commercials!

12. Even looking mysteriously chic in this one!

13. Talk about goddess-like visuals!

14. A beautiful goddess with the cutest jokester personality!

15. Fashionista goals making simplicity look perfectly chic!

16. And fitness goals! The perfect look for any yoga work out.

17. Every possible image fits perfectly for MOMOLAND’s JooE!