MONSTA X Attempts To Do Nine Things They’ve Never Done Before

Is there anything they don’t look good doing?

In a video released by American beauty periodical Allure Magazine on September 5, MONSTA X tried nine things they’d never done before. Full of funny and endearing moments, the video gives fans the opportunity to see their bias in a different light. You might be surprised to see who likes (and who doesn’t) eating sour candies or which member is the best at doing an interpretive dance.

1. Body roll and apply lip balm

2. Do the limbo

3. Interpretive dance to stock music

4. Teach a workout move

5. Sniff test perfumes

6. Dramatically moisturize hands with lotion

7. Eat warheads

8. Teach Korean on beauty products

9. Sing “Who Do U Love” with a lip mask on

MONSTA X is the first K-Pop group set to perform at the iHeart Festival and the Life Is Beautiful Festival this month. They just wrapped their “We Are Here” world tour and their current single “WHO DO U LOVE?” featuring French Montana debuted in the Top 40 of Billboard’s Pop Songs airplay chart.

To truly appreciate the boys of MONSTA X goofing around with each other, we encourage you to watch the video below!