Something Is Incredibly Sexy And Dangerous About MONSTA X’s Hyungwon In Chokers

From leather to lace, Hyungwon can do them all.

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon has a gorgeous physique and one of his best traits includes his long and slender neck. Over the previous promotions, Hyungwon’s stylists have realized that of all the accessories out there, chokers best accentuate this trait the best! Here are 10+ times Hyungwon looked dangerously sexy in different styles of chokers, from leather to lace, simple to fancy.


1. Chained & Velvety

Matched perfectly with his black-and-gold satin shirt, Hyungwon’s chain-and-velvet mix thin choker made this outfit stand out even more. While the velvety ribbon gave Hyungwon that unique, almost soft, prince-charming-like vibe, the gold chains kept the look edgy and masculine.


2. Oversized Flower

When Hyungwon wore this oversized flower choker, Monbebes didn’t know where to keep their eyes. While the flower was as big as Hyungwon’s face, the choker did not seem extravagant at all on Hyungwon. In fact, Hyungwon’s beauty only stood out even more against the flower on his neck!


3. Simple Bling

One of Hyungwon’s simpler choker choices, this strap of silver around his neck really complemented his skin tone and his slender neck line.


4. Star-Charmed String

When Hyungwon had this thin string of a choker tied around his neck, Monbebes fell i love with the look. A little star charm added to the choker made sure the accessory doesn’t take too much away from the outfit – or from Hyungwon’s face – but that it still gave him the flare he deserves. And indeed it did. Fans have long been inspired by this simple-but-cute ribbon-style choker!


5. Big Name

Monbebes couldn’t help but ask why Hyungwon hasn’t been endorsed by Yves Saint Laurent when they saw him rock this simple logo-choker. While just a gold symbol on a black strap, Hyungwon made the most of it and looked luxurious AF while wearing this style.


6. Back To The Basics

In the flood of all kinds of wild and extravagant chokers, Hyungwon did also have his basic-choker days. This very easy, single strap, black choker satisfied Monbebes who wanted to see Hyungwon try a simpler style. Nevertheless, even this average choker boosted Hyungwon’s outfit and visual to the max!


7. Ribbons

On the other end of Hyungwon’s choker spectrum was this ribbon choker. While it was more like a long piece of fabric tied around Hyungwon’s neck in a ribbon, Hyungwon definitely made this work in his favor. In fact, Monbebes still recall this gigantic ribbon choker style and refer to it as his Prince Charming days.


8. Leather

Fiercest of all fierce chokers, Hyungwon’s most dangerous choker styling came with leather and chains. Combined with his charismatic make-up and outfit, Hyungwon’s leather choker was an instant thirst trap for a lot of Monbebes. He singlehandedly slayed the performance and the look!


9. Abstract & Artistic

This particular choker caught Monbebe’s attention because of its unusual shape and style. Against Hyungwon’s flawless skin, the unique design stood out even more! Even the most abstract variations of choker designs, Hyungwon can pull off because he has the neck for it – and more so, the face for it.


10. Crochet

This crocheted-type choker, with a fancier design and beaded details, had Monbebes screaming. Something about this style was feminine but masculine, elegant but racy, soft but sexy. Only Hyungwon could handle so much duality!


11. Red Lace

Deeply beloved is Hyungwon’s collection of lace choker looks. This red one, as an eye-catching accessory to his black outfit, brought all the attention to his neck and face. Hyungwon’s vampire-like translucent skin glowed even more against the blood red color of the choker!


12. Black Lace

This black lace chocker, layered with another Saint Laurent gold chain choker, was an epitome of Hyungwon’s “dangerously sexy” choker look. While wearing two chokers could be overbearing for anyone, it only boosted the outfit for Hyungwon. Again, Hyungwon rocked his iconic duality here, both risque with the lace but classy with the gold.


13. Lacy Cuff

Last but not least, Hyungwon was an absolute fairy in this cuff-style choker. Monbebes will never forget how angelic Hyungwon looked this day. Even in blonde hair, floral headband, and lacy choker, the most noticeable thing is Hyungwon’s face – and Monbebes are left speechless at how undefeatable Hyungwon’s visual game truly is!