Here Are 12 GIFs Of MONSTA X’s Joohoney To Brighten Your Day

It’s impossible not to smile at #11.

MONSTA X‘s Joohoney is popular for his powerful, masculine image onstage. As his name implies, however, his adorable personality doesn’t stay hidden for long.

Here are 12 GIFs of Joohoney being his super sweet self that will surely make your day happy and bright.

1. She gave him her small eyes, dimples, flawless skin, and a face that never gets old.

2. There’s no such thing as too many finger guns.

3. “And then there’s Jooheon…”

4. I.M is a lucky (unbreakable) man.

5. Top of the top.

6. He’s even charming when he glitches.

7. Get this man a role in a skincare commercial!

8. When it comes to hair, bigger is indeed better.

9. He’s the focus of our attention at all times.

10. Joohoney is our daily shot of sweetness.

11. It’s hard not to smile when smiles like this exist.

12. Bless this dimpled dumpling.