7 Of MONSTA X Kihyun’s Iconic Looks That Monbebes Cherish The Most

Which one is your favorite?

It’s no secret that MONSTA X‘s Kihyun is an absolutely phenomenal vocalist, but his visuals are no joke, either. It was hard to pick just seven, but here are some of his iconic looks according to Monbebes.

1. “Stuck” era

Kihyun, please bring back the undercut.

2. The “Play It Cool” crop-top

Crop-tops suit him so well, it’s a shame this is the only time he’s worn one…

3. His pink hair during “Fighter” promotions

He really broke fans’ hearts when he said he’d never dye his hair pink again.

4. When he wore Wonho’s clothes

Wonho dared him to wear his see-through clothes if they got a music show win for “Alligator.”

Well, they got first place at 4 music shows for “Alligator,” so… Kihyun really had no choice.

5. His DAZED magazine photoshoot

When he graced DAZED magazine’s pages for their May 2020 issue, he caused quite the ruckus among Monbebes.

It’s pretty self-explanatory why he did.

6. “Destroyer” special MV

His soft grey curls and fake freckles paired with the round glasses were an unforgettable combination.

Paired with “bad boy” Wonho, the duo were nothing short of iconic.

7. Yeojoo

Would this really be a complete “most iconic looks” list without mentioning his MONSTA X-RAY character, Yeojoo?!