7 Covers By MONSTA X That Prove They Can Crush Any Genre

Proving yet again that their skills are unmatched.

It’s no secret that every member of MONSTA X is an all-rounder, whether it comes to singing, dancing or even choreographing. Here is a collection of times they showcased their skills that blew away their fans.

1. “As I Told You” by Kim Sungjae

Their cover of “As I Told You,” performed on the television program Sugar Man, is adored by their fans, and rightfully so! The energy they brought to this 1995 track is electrifying.

To this day, Monbebes still lament its removal from the music streaming service Spotify.

2. “See You Again” by Baek Yerin

Vocalist Minhyuk takes us on an artsy audiovisual journey through Jeju Island in his video for “See You Again.”

| starshipTV/YouTube 

The beautiful shots of the island accompanied by his distinct raspy vocals would make anyone feel like they’re floating through a dream.

3. “Heartless” by The Weeknd

Unlike the previous two, Shownu‘s cover doesn’t showcase his vocals but it definitely highlights his incredible dance skills.

| starshipTV/YouTube

He’s not the group’s main dancer for no reason: his skills are unrivalled, making every complicated move look effortless.

| starshipTV/YouTube

On top of that, this cover was uploaded on his own birthday as a gift for fans, making it even more meaningful.

4. “Believer” by Imagine Dragons

Main vocalist Kihyun once again professed his love for the pop-rock genre by covering not one but two Imagine Dragons songs: “Believer” and “Natural”!

“Believer” amassed 5 million views on YouTube and amazed not only fans but also the band’s drummer, Daniel Platzman!

5. “Through The Night” by IU

In his cover of “Through The Night,” rapper I.M proved that his vocal skills are no joke. This simple video places an extra emphasis on his voice’s deep timbre which compliments the song perfectly.

6. “You’ll Be Happy” by LEEDS

Neither of the MONSTA X rappers are lacking in the singing department. In his first solo cover, Joohoney shows off his incredible vocal range, proving yet again that he could easily be a vocalist if he wanted to.

7. “How Long” by Charlie Puth

Last but certainly not least, lead dancer Hyungwon‘s cover of “How Long” showed that each member has their own unique flair to everything they do, giving them the ability to impress both as a group and alone.

| starshipTV/YouTube

Hyungwon’s unique style and natural elegance truly shines in this short dance cover.

| starshipTV/YouTube

This cover was also just a teaser of things to come: he and I.M performed full covers of the song all through their 2018 world tour.

While this is only a handful of covers they’ve done, it’s more than enough to prove that they can truly do justice to any song.