MONSTA X Share Their Opinions On These 10 Fashion Trends In New Cosmopolitan Video

What do you think, do you agree with them?

MONSTA X participated in a game of “Drip or Drop?” on Cosmopolitan’s YouTube channel! The members were presented with some rather polarizing fashion trends and decided whether something was hot, or very not.

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Here’s what MinhyukKihyunHyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M had to say!

1. Relaxed Tailoring

Team Drip: I.M and Minhyuk
Team Drop: Hyungwon, Kihyun, and Joohoney

Joohoney explained that he doesn’t like formal clothing, like suits!

2. Gorpcore

Team Drip: Hyungwon, Minhyuk, and Kihyun
Team Drop: I.M and Joohoney

Gorpcore refers to wearing adventure-style clothes. Hyungwon originally chose Drop, but Minhyuk pointed out that Hyungwon wears training clothes a lot which could be gorpcore, so he switched!

3. Vertical Stripes

Team Drip: Joohoney
Team Drop: Hyungwon, I.M, Kihyun, and Minhyuk

Four members said “Drop” to vertical stripes! Kihyun said he’s never worn that style before, and Minhyuk said that style makes a person look more skinny. Hyungwon even said it looks like “history teacher style!”

4. Nautical Clothes

Team Drip: Hyungwon and Kihyun
Team Drop: I.M, Minhyuk, and Joohoney

Minhyuk said the nautical style is harder to pull off than you’d think. Joohoney said his mom dresses like that, and said sorry to his mom for voting Drop!

5. Camp-Collared Shirts

Team Drip: —
Team Drop: Everyone

The members all agreed that camp-collared shirts are a Drop! Minhyuk even said it looks like pajamas.

6. Work-From-Home Coziness

Team Drip: Everyone
Team Drop: —

They agreed again when it came to WFH Coziness, except this time they’re all in favor!

7. Textured Tailoring

Team Drip: Hyungwon, I.M, and Minhyuk
Team Drop: Kihyun and Joohoney

Just like with the first one, Joohoney isn’t a fan of suits so he had to vote Drop for textured tailoring. However, he knows MONBEBE love when the group wear suits, like in their music video for “Gambler!”

8. Good Vibes T-Shirts

Team Drip: Kihyun and Joohoney
Team Drop: Hyungwon, I.M, and Minhyuk

I.M said he’s never seen those t-shirts before, while Joohoney said he likes the saying, “Good vibes.

9. Hand-Knit Garments

Team Drip: Everyone
Team Drop: —

The members all chose Drip for hand-knit garments! I.M hesitated a bit at first, but when Minhyuk said, “What if your grandma made it?” he quickly agreed it’s Drip!

10. Wooden Clogs

Team Drip: —
Team Drop: Everyone

Finally, they all agreed that wooden clogs were not it. Joohoney said they’re uncomfortable and don’t have much use. Minhyuk was honest and straight out said they don’t look good!

Check out the full video below for more of MONSTA X’s fashion opinions!

Source: Cosmopolitan and Twitter