10 Times MONSTA X Proved They Have Superior Bare Faced Visuals

They look the same with and without makeup!

MONSTA X is a group full of visuals! They all look gorgeous with and without makeup. No matter what event they’re participating in or who takes their photos, they always stand out.

Check out some of their best no-makeup photos below!

1. Hyungwon

First up, there’s a reason why Hyungwon’s visuals are always praised. His symmetrical face and perfect skin are superior!

2. I.M

I.M burns it up on stage, but without makeup he makes a 180 degree change and becomes approachable and endearing.

3. Minhyuk

Minhyuk looks exactly the same at home without a speck of makeup on as he does on television all dolled up.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

In one word: stunning.

| @OfficialMonstaX/Twitter

4. Joohoney

Cute and charming, that’s Joohoney! It’s hard to believe that such a fierce rapper on stage is a ball of cuteness off it.

5. Shownu

Shownu looks unbelievably gorgeous without makeup. His participation in the MBC show Real Man was perfect for him.

He has the most dewy and blemish-free skin!

6. Kihyun

Kihyun’s visuals deserve more praise! Without makeup, his sweet aura is emphasized even more.

7. Shownu

Without a doubt, Shownu always looks fresh. It’s hard to believe he’s the eldest member!

8. Minhyuk

Minhyuk’s side profile is enough for everyone to be convinced of his handsomeness.

9. Kihyun

Kihyun’s visuals in this airport schedule will remain iconic.

10. Minhyuk

Even when barely awake, Minhyuk is more good-looking than most!

As these photos prove, MONSTA X has some of the best bare faced visuals in the industry.