MONSTA X’s Shownu Is Adamant About Taking Photos Of Food For Fans Regardless Of His Photo Skills

What do you think of his photo-taking skills?

MONSTA X’s Shownu’s love for his fans is clear as he tries his best to share his life through photos of anything and everything! His photo-taking skills might not be all there, but fans love his efforts and thoughts for posting these photos for them.

1. He reveals that he loves to take photos of food and post them on their fan cafe.

2. Kihyun predicts that Shownu will come in and see the food and take a photo right away. He was correct!

3. Fans reveal that he sometimes posts photos of food to let fans know he’s doing okay.

4. Aside from food photos, he also shares daily life photos as well without caring too much about angles or editing.

5. He seems to be worried about if the photo is too sexy rather than anything else.

Shownu gives an explanation about the photo above during their fan concert home party. He comments that because he was shirtless he thought that was the part that he should worry about the most. He didn’t realize that wearing glasses over his mask was what made this photo funny considering he thought the photo came out great because of the mask.

What do you think of Shownu’s photo-taking skills? Regardless of what and how he takes the photos, one thing’s for certain! He truly loves his fans.