8 Most Legendary Scenes From Variety Shows You Have To Watch Right Now

Here are some of the rarest and funniest moments on variety shows!

1. Jun Jin‘s Gifted Hands on Infinite Challenge

After scoring a point, Jun Jin wipes his forehead and the birdie is magically thrown right into his hands!


2. Jung Suk Kwon on Infinite Challenge

Park Myung Soo threw a pen at Jung Suk Kwon yelling at him to quit his nonsense, but he caught it with one hand making Park Myeong Su even angrier!


3. Jung Hyung Don’s Pig Feet Slam on Infinite Challenge

Jung Hyung Don attempts to do a handstand with a professional wrestler but fails dramatically…Fans call this scene “pig feet slam”


4. Kim Yeong Hee’s Camouflage on Real Men

Kim Yeong Hee’s camouflage made even the coldest trainer lose control of his laughter.


5. Henry‘s Neck Slice on Real Men

Sam is attacked by Henry’s “neck slice”…


6. Sam Hammington‘s Unintentional Skit on Real Men

In the midst of frustration, Sam unintentionally brings laughter to those watching.


7. Kim Gook Jin‘s Batting Skills on Radio Star

Kim Gook Jin really shows off his batting skills when he was asked to blow out the candles.


8. Kim Hye Seong‘s Ripped Pants on Radio Star

Kim Hye Seong rips his pants while showing a kick. His red underwear made it more noticeable!

Source: 1boon