These Are All The Movies TWICE Parodied In Their Latest Music Video

TWICE parodies The Princess Diaries, La La Land, and more!

1. The Princess Diaries

Nayeon parodies The Princess Diaries, a classic teen comedy about a nerdy teen who discovers that she’s the heir to a throne.


Like Anne Hathaway‘s character, Mia, Nayeon goes from geeky…


…to gorgeous!


2. Ghost

Jeongyeon recreates the iconic pottery scene from Ghost, a paranormal romance film from 1990.


The original scene begins with Patrick Swayze‘s character “helping” Demi Moore‘s character at her pottery wheel…


…and ends with a steamy scene encounter between the leads.


However, TWICE‘s version has a much different ending!


3. Pulp Fiction

Sana pays homage to the dance scene in Pulp Fiction, a crime film that intertwines four tales of violence and redemption.


But Sana’s scene is much more upbeat than the original one!


4. Romeo + Juliet

Tzuyu plays Juliet Capulet from the modernized 1996 version of Shakespeare’s tragic romance, Romeo and Juliet.


In this scene, Juliet and Romeo see each other for the first time, during a masquerade ball.  


5. La La Land

Momo recreates a dance scene from one of the more recent films on this list, La La Land.


In this 2016 musical film, a pianist and an actress fall in love while navigating their careers, in Los Angeles.


6. Leon: The Professional

Chaeyoung parodies Mathilda‘s dress-up scene from the 1994 French thriller, Leon: The Professional.


In the film, Leon becomes Mathilda’s mentor and teaches her about the assassin’s trade.


7. Love Letter

Jihyo re-enacts a sad, snowy scene from Love Letter. 


In this 1995 Japanese film, Hiroko Watanabe (played by Miho Nakayama) grieves the death of her fiancé, who died while climbing a mountain


8. La Boum

Mina parodies the character Vic from La Boum, a 1980 French comedy film. La Boum (or, The Party) is about a teenage girl who looks for love at her new school, and finds it at a house party.


Mina’s version ends a little differently!


9. Acuvue 

Why poke fun at someone else when you can poke fun at yourself?


Dahyun parodies her own Acuvue CF!


Check out TWICE’s reference-filled music video!

Source: @minachaeyu


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