Here’s How Much You Need To Spend To Get BLACKPINK Jennie’s Airport Outfits

Can you afford anything she’s wearing?

There are few idols who are as iconic in airport fashion as BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. Anything she wears immediately gets admired by thousands of fans and non-fans alike. Though we can’t ever be Jennie, we can do our best to look like her!

Check out a breakdown of some of her gorgeous outfits down below!

1. Loewe

In this 2019 Incheon Airport look, Jennie has on a LOEWE Cropped Denim Jacket that sells for $1,250 USD.


She’s also carrying a Burberry Thomas Bear Shoulder Bag that costs $1,190 USD.

2. Sandy Liang

Jennie had on an ultra-comfy outfit for her airport trip on January 5, 2020. She chose comfort over style but still used pricey pieces.

Her jacket alone was a Sandy Liang Vera Puffer Jacket that costs $1,150 USD.

She also patronized a local brand, 13 Month, for her Newtro Colorful Sweatshirt that sells for ₩114,000 KRW (about $96.50 USD) KRW.

3. Supreme

Jennie had on a completely girl crush outfit in a July 2017 airport run.

Her plain white t-shirt was more expensive than it looked thanks to its brand name, Supreme. The Printed Tee is sold for $450 USD.

For her pants, she had on an Alexander Wang High Waisted Army Pants with Ball Chain that retails for $525 USD.

She further showed off her unique style by wearing VetementsSock Ankle Boots that costs $1,185 USD.

4. Chanel

On December 3, 2019, Jennie was the definition of preppy with a sporty jacket, sneakers, and sweatpants.

Despite her simple look, the prices of her outfits are higher than what a typical college student can afford. The often-sold out Chanel Stadium Jacket sells for anything from $1,500-$6,950 USD.

Her bag was also Chanel, this time a Wool Lambskin Quilted Paris Hamburg Charms Bucket Bag in Dark Navy. It is sold for $4,300 USD.

5. Ralph Lauren

Finally, in an October 2019 airport schedule, Jennie had on a studious outfit for the day. Her vest was Ralph Lauren‘s Wool Blend Sweater Blend that retails for $248 USD.

The shirt she wore under it was a Rimowa Cotton Poplin Oversized Shirt that costs $170 USD.

The most expensive part of Jennie’s outfit from this schedule was her Chanel backpack that sells for $3,100 USD.

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If you wish to dress like Jennie, be prepared to spend thousands of dollars!

Source: Instagram