Here Is How Much Revenue These 3 Superstar Groups Made From Their US Tours

The numbers might shock you.

Did you ever wonder how much your favorite group made during the American leg of their tours? Here’s how much these three groups made during their time in the States.

1. BTS

For BTS‘s “Love/Speak Yourself Tour,” they made a whopping $65.9 USD in tour revenue! They made most of their tour revenue from their stops in the States.


For BLACKPINK‘s American leg of their “In Your Area” tour, they made $3.33M USD. This is the second-highest tour revenue from all the locations they had. Their highest income came from their Thailand concerts, which earned them $8.52M.

3. NCT 127

NCT 127 stayed in America for a month for their “Neo City Tour.” During their time, they earned $4.44M in tour revenue. This is the leg that made them the most income, followed by South Korea.

Source: TheQoo