Here’s How Much Each TXT Member Has Grown Since Debut

It’s only been a few months, but they look so different.

Less than a year ago, TXT debuted in March of 2019. In only a matter of months, they’ve all undergone noticeable physical changes as they’ve grown and matured. Here’s how different each member looks now compared to how they did at debut.


1. Hueningkai

After their debut, Hueningkai completely looked the part of the youngest member. His short hair, sweet smile, and baby face made him look like the young child he is. Even then, he was tall for someone so young.

Now sporting longer hair and features that have changed from round to sharp, he’s slowly looking more and more mature as he grows up.

Although he was tall before, he’s even taller now, nearly as tall as Soobin. Not so deep down, Hueningkai is still the big baby that MOAs love.

2. Taehyun

As the second youngest, Taehyun looked just as much like a baby as Hueningkai did. His short hair, height, and baby-ish features made that unmistakable.

He may still be the shortest in a group of tall members, but he’s holding his own. His chic hair, charismatic gaze, and sharper facial features make him look more and more mature by the day. Just like Hueningkai, though, he’s still young and playful like the child he is.

3. Yeonjun

Yeonjun may be the oldest. That hasn’t stopped him from growing since their debut. Back then, he was just as handsome but had a look of innocence with his cute appearance.

With more prominent facial features, bright blue hair color, and bolder accessories, he’s moved away from cute to edgy.

As for his height, his legs look just as long as ever, making anything he wears stand out.

4. Beomgyu

After their debut, Beomgyu looked like the boy-next-door with his fluffy, curly hair. His friendly smile made the image even more so.

With lighter, straighter hair and more attention on his facial expressions, he now looks far more mature than before.

5. Soobin

Soobin has been extremely tall and quick to show a smile since debut. Even then, he was making the funniest faces.

Compared to how he looked then, he’s the only member that more or less looks exactly the same. Even so, there was a certain innocence that’s been replaced with a look of maturity.

If they’ve all grown so much in a matter of months, who knows how much more handsome and mature they’ll become in the future?