These Music Videos Were Banned For The Most Outrageous Reasons

Even the smallest of things can get a music video banned.

These K-Pop music videos have been banned on some television stations for the most absurd reasons.

1. PSY – “Gentleman”

During one of the scenes, PSY can be seen damaging a traffic cone. This was seen as the destruction of property and was banned on KBS.

2. DalShabet – “Joker”

The English word “joker” sounds similar for the term Koreans use in reference to male genitalia. Because of this, it was banned on KBS.

3. Orange Caramel – “Catallena”

The music video features the girls as sushi for sale, constantly being put for sale. KBS saw this as devaluing human life and banned the song.

4. DEAN – “Instagram”

This was banned on KBS for the mention of a brand: Instagram.

5. EXO – “Lotto”

EXO‘s hit song was banned on MBC and KBS for the same reason as Dean‘s song; the mention of a brand, which so happens to be the title of the song.


KBS banned “BOOMBAYAH” was banned since it mentioned a brand. During Jennie‘s rap, she mentions “Henny”, a shortened name of the alcohol Hennesy. It was also banned for the lyrics,

Middle finger up, F U pay me.


7. BTS – “DOPE”

“DOPE” was banned on KBS for apparent vulgar lyrics. In J-Hope‘s rap, he says,

All of you are so weak. Such losers. Crybabies. And idiots.


KBS banned this music video for one reason: violating traffic laws. During Rosé‘s first solo scene, she is seen driving a car and crashing towards her past self. In the scene, she is not wearing a seatbelt, which led to the music video being banned by the station.


This was banned by KBS since Mino mentions “lotto” in his rap. Another brand mention, another banned music video.