3 MUST KNOW Korean Life Hacks, As Explained By A Foreigner

*pulls out a notepad* Good to know, good to know…

YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger Megan Bowen, who has lived in Korea for eight years and is married to a Korean man, has taken to her channel to share a few life hacks to know if you ever plan on visiting Korea.

1. Electronic Door Locks

Did you know that most doors in Korea don’t use keys? It stands to reason that the country that puts out some of the best consumer electronics use, well, electric locks.

Source: Megan Bowen/YouTube

Well, as Megan found out, it’s a bad time when your lock battery dies and won’t let you into the house. After visiting her real estate agent, she learned that those locks use 9V batteries to give the lock just enough charge to let you into the house.

Source: Megan Bowen/YouTube

2. Cold Floors

Many Korean homes have heated floors that people utilize in winter. They don’t want to waste money heating the floor while they’re out and about, so they’ll turn it on again once they get home but it takes about two hours to heat up. Megan shared that once when she was on her way to work, she threw her blanket on the floor before leaving and found that the floor was still warm when she got home! So, now she lays a blanket out before turning off the heat and leaving so that she has a warm spot to come back to until the rest of the apartment heats up after she returns home.

Source: Megan Bowen/YouTube

3. Pre-Order Food

While this problem isn’t strictly limited to Korea, the solution sure is! Megan shared that to-go lunches and snacks sell out quickly at the convenience store around lunchtime, and what you can do to circumvent the frustration on missing out on your favorite meal is by pre-ordering it using the convenience store’s app!

Source: Megan Bowen/YouTube

There are actually still a significant amount of life hacks that she shares in her video, from transportation to food delivery. Watch Megan’s video below to see all of her tips and enjoy her funny anecdotes: