10+ Of NCT 127 “American Big Boy” Johnny’s Most Buff And Muscular Moments

#10 🥵😍

NCT 127‘s Johnny is unbelievably buff!

NCT 127’s Johnny | @johnnyjsuh/Instagram

Johnny’s muscles are so impressive that fellow member Taeyong couldn’t resist calling him “American Big Boy” while filming NCT Life in Gapyeong.

From the looks of the teaser for the “Sticker” music video, it looks like NCT 127’s resident American Big Boy is still just as buff as ever.

Here’s a look at Johnny’s most buff moments over the years!

1. “Limitless” era Johnny was truly something else


2. Johnny invented sleeveless shirts

3. Posing on a rock while showing off his rock-hard muscles

4. It’s okay, go ahead and replay this push-up gif over and over

5. This photoshoot was a cultural reset

6. This relay cam was also a cultural reset

7.  We’ll never forget you, Cowboy Johnny

8. If you thought Johnny’s muscles were just for show, think again

9. His muscles are so defined

10. We will never shut up about “Kick It” Johnny

11. We’ll never shut up about this Johnny either

12. He looks just as great in sheer shirts as he does in sleeveless ones