Here’s What The NCT 127 Members Want With Them If They’re Ever Stranded On An Island

What would you bring with you? 🤔

If you’ve ever wondered what the NCT 127 members would bring with them to a deserted island, you’re in luck! The members just did a relay interview in which they revealed the 3 things they’d need if they were stranded on an island.

NCT 127 | @nct127/Instagram

The interview was part of their promotions for their series Analog Trip NCT 127: Escape from Magic Island. In this series, the members traveled by boat to an island for a music video shoot, but they found themselves stranded when the island’s inhabitants suddenly disappeared. They missed the last boat ride off the island because the boat left while they were eating dinner.

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To escape from the island, the members had to work together to find 5 treasures within 72 hours.

The show’s premise was that the members were stranded with nothing but Johnny‘s camera, so they didn’t have any essentials with them.

Here’s what the members would want with them if they ever found themselves on a deserted island again.

1. Johnny

Johnny’s answer was very practical!

He said he would bring water, food, and his cell phone. Sounds like a good plan!

2. Taeyong

Taeyong’s answer was just as practical as Johnny’s, but he said he wanted to bring Johnny along, too!

In addition to Johnny, Taeyong would bring water and a match to light a fire. He said, “I think that’s realistic. Those two and Johnny are enough to survive.”

3. Doyoung

Like Taeyong, Doyoung said he wants other people with him on the island!

He said he would bring the people who are precious to him, a giant bag that’s large enough to pack whatever he wants, and a water purifier he could use to make the seawater safe to drink.

4. Haechan

Haechan thought ahead and planned for his escape from the island!

He said he would bring a walkie-talkie to communicate with others, a variety of snacks to eat while on the island, and a lifeboat he could use to leave the island. Looks like he doesn’t plan to be on the island for long!

5. Mark

Mark used his experience from filming Analog Trip to come up with his answer!

He said, “As a person who has been stranded on an island before, I’d say water is definitely an essential, lots of blankets because it’s cold, and every piece of meat I could fit in my bag.”

6. Jaehyun

Like Haechan, Jaehyun planned to escape the island as soon as possible!

He would bring a boat to leave the island quickly, a weapon to protect himself while he’s on the island, and something to start a fire with.

7. Taeil

Even when he’s stuck on an island, Taeil’s all about music!

He said he would bring his earphones with him. Of course, he would also have to bring his cell phone to listen to music, and he said he would bring water, too.

8. Yuta

Yuta focused on the importance of positivity while stranded on an island!

He said he would bring “a good mindset,” as well as matches to light a fire and coffee.

9. Jungwoo

Jungwoo had a unique yet practical answer!

He said he would bring eye drops because he wears contacts, nail clippers, and something to start a fire with. He also wanted to bring the NCT 127 members with him, but he was limited to only 3 items.