Crash Course: NCT 127 Answers Basic Questions About The Group And These 10 Facts Are What New Fans Should Know

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If you’re interested in becoming a new stan of NCT 127—also known as NCTizen or Czennie—there’s no need to look further for basic facts about them than their new WIRED “Autocorrect” interview. The members answered frequently searched questions about them related to their past and present as a group.

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1. Name

First up, the name NCT 127 has a unique meaning. “NCT” stands for “Neo Culture Technology” while “127” refers to the coordinates of Seoul, South Korea.

127 is the longitude of Seoul. We represent Seoul which is the soul of Korea.

— Mark

NCT 127 | @nct127/Instagram

2. Debut

They debuted on July 7, 2016 with the single “Fire Truck.” There are currently nine active members including Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, and Haechan.

3. Date

January 27 is a special date in NCT 127’s universe because it is derived from their name—January is the first month of the year, after all.

Jaehyun: What is NCT 127 day?

Johnny and Mark: January 27. Because of the numbers. It’s pretty.

4. Leader

Though the group joked that Doyoung was their leader, the actual position belongs to Taeyong. On his part, the latter said, “I thought the real leader was Doyoung.” 

5. Choreographer

Some fans were interested in learning who the choreographers of NCT 127’s song, “Favorite,” were. They were none other than Anthony Lee, Quick Style, ReiNa, and Prepix‘s Ill Lee whom they were excited to call Ill hyung.”

Prepix’s Ill Lee

6. Formation

When asked about how NCT 127 was formed, the members did not give an exact response. Rather than saying they were handpicked by the company, Mark joked that it was all thanks to “destiny, the synchronization of our dreams.”

7. Songs

If you want to catch up on the group’s entire discography, it’s better to start as soon as possible! They have many tracks ready for a playlist party.

We have four full albums and three mini albums. We also have Japanese albums. We have a lot of songs out.

— Johnny

8. Color

Like most K-Pop groups, NCT 127 also has an official color. From their light stick to their graphics, they use neon green.

9. Concert Set List

NCT 127 is currently touring around the world to meet fans in person. They stated that their concert set list is “top secret” though Johnny let out a spoiler that their first song is “Pandora’s Box.”

| Rappler

10. Greeting

Finally, NCT 127 has an iconic greeting which they demonstrated in person. They say the words, “To the world, NCT! Hi, we are NCT 127,” which relates to their global roots.

To learn more about the group, check out their full interview with WIRED below.

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