If NCT 127 Were Girls, Here’s The Members They’d Choose As Their Boyfriends

Haechan had to choose his favorite hyung.

For Japanese photobook Fuji-Q Highland, NCT 127 had a bit of fun giving their answers to various topics. One question had them stepping into the role of girls. With that in mind, they had to choose the member they’d be most interested in dating. Here’s how all of them responded:

1. Taeil

Taeil didn’t have to think about his decision one bit. For him, there would never be any other choice than Yuta.

2. Johnny

The ever-popular Johnny decided Doyoung was the perfect fit for him.

3. Taeyong

Even though Johnny picked another, Taeyong wanted to date no one but him.

4. Yuta

Out of all the members, Yuta opted not to date any of them. Instead, he was confident enough to date himself.

5. Doyoung

Doyoung picked the member quite a few others did but ended up with an ironic outcome. He selected Johnny, making them the only two who chose each other.

6. Jaehyun

When it came to Jaehyun, who many fans would choose as the perfect boyfriend, he just couldn’t seem to figure out who would suit him best. He was stuck on trying to think it through.

7. Jungwoo

Jungwoo was in a similar situation to Jaehyun. He wasn’t only stuck on who to choose; Jungwoo just couldn’t decide between any of them.

8. Mark

Mark didn’t have the same problems at Jaehyun and Jungwoo. He knew exactly who he’d date: Johnny.

9. Haechan

No, Haechan didn’t choose Johnny. He went with the person who understands him best, his favorite hyung Taeil.

With three of them selecting Johnny, he appears to be the best boyfriend material among them. Were you surprised by who everyone chose or didn’t choose?