NCT 127’s Haechan Reveals 3 Killing Parts To Watch Out For In “Kick It” Stages

Did someone say abs?

After releasing We Are Superhuman with the title track “Superhuman” back in May of 2019, NCT 127 are finally back to kick off the new year with a brand new full-length album Neo Zone and Jungwoo‘s return.

The group started promotions for new title track “Kick It” with KBS‘s Music Bank, where Haechan revealed what fans should be keeping an eye out for during their performances.

Although there’s so much to take in, he narrowed it down to three that would be sure to leave fans satisfied.

1. Haechan’s Handsome Face

If you know Haechan, he just couldn’t resist including himself on the list. He confidently stated, “The first is Haechan’s face,” with a quick, chic pose.

Between kicking his way to the front and singing with his sweet voice, there’s no way anyone would be able to keep their eyes off him. Rocking a new eyebrow slit, too? His visuals are definitely on point and fit the concept.

2. Johnny’s Ripped Eight Pack

If you’ve seen the epic music video, there’s no way you missed the second. As soon as he said, “The second is Johnny‘s abs,” everyone agreed with their sounds of awe. Yuta and Taeil could even be seen excitedly moving behind him.

As the tallest of the group along with a voice that’s always a treat to hear, Johnny is a complete triple threat with those toned abs that no one had been expecting to see. NCTzens are currently thanking him for the blessing.

3. Taeyong’s Ribs On His Trim Frame

For the last and final one, Haechan couldn’t forget to mention their charismatic leader. While holding up three fingers, he said, “The third is Taeyong‘s ribs.” Haechan said it so dramatically that he dragged the last word out, pointing to Taeyong beside him.

Even though Taeyong doesn’t have cut abs, his lean body is striking, whether its in crop tops or wrapped with these white bandages. No matter what it is, he can make anything look amazing.

From this narrowed down list, Haechan knows exactly what NCTzens like and have been looking forward to. Watch him go through the list along with the full epic performance here. Do you agree with the three?