A Look Back At 7 Times NCT 127’s Jaehyun Has Attacked NCTzens In Honor of New MV Teaser

It’s not the first time…

NCT 127 released a teaser for their comeback, “Kick It”, on March 4. The teaser features all of the members looking cool and suave, but one member in particular caught everyone’s attention due to his clothing… Or rather, lack thereof.

Jaehyun attacked viewers by baring his toned chest under a suit with no shirt on underneath, making fans everywhere swoon with just how fit and muscular he looks.

This isn’t the first time Jaehyun has made NCTzens thirsty by baring his skin – here’s a look back at 7 other times he cheekily flashed us with his toned muscles.








NCT 127’s new album, NCT #127 Neo Zone, is set to release on March 6. Maybe fans will be fortunate enough to get even more glimpses of Jaehyun in the full music video!

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