Just 13 Gifs From NCT 127’s “Kick It” That Slayed Us

Did you survive it?

NCT 127 just released their new music video, “Kick It”, on March 4. The music video features the boys sporting martial arts gear and performing all kinds of fancy kicks and punches in an old-fashioned traditional setting that pays tribute to all kinds of martial arts media in the past.

That wasn’t the only thing that stunned NCTzens, however. The intense dancing and flashy clothing – or rather, for some members, lack thereof – have fans swooning and losing their minds with how good they look.  Here are 13 gifs taken from the video that showcase just how amazing NCT looked in “Kick It”!

1. Johnny’s intense close-up

2. Mark’s aggressive defensive pose

3. Jaehyun’s sulty stare… and bare chest

4. Taeyong’s hot “come at me bro”

5. The members dancing in these sleek black outfits and gold chains

6. Taeyong’s sassy zoom-in

7. Doyoung’s seductive stare

8. Taeyong’s ridiculously toned body

9. Haechan’s quick hair flip

10. Taeyong’s blend of dance and martial arts

11. The intense choreo against a bright yellow background

12. The eye-catching combo of red and zebra print outfits

13. And finally, these powerful, awe-inspiring kicks at the end of the mv