NCT 127 Members Gives Sweet Advice For Those Who Are Chasing Their Dreams

They will be rooting for you!

Last January 27, NCT 127 dropped single “Dreams Come True” to celebrate and in honor of NCT 127 Day. The release was special as Jungwoo made his come back after taking a hiatus. Additionally, the group took the opportunity to announce their come back, which will be on March 6.

The members also made sure they left their fans, or to anyone chasing their dreams, some sweet advice and encouragement!

1. Johnny

The one you have to believe in the most is yourself.

2. Taeil

I believe if you put in some effort your dreams will come true.

3. Yuta

If there’s something you want to do or want to achieve, believe in yourself until the end. Fighting!

4. Doyoung

Most people say that if you don’t give up, and work hard, you’ll achieve your goals, but I’d like to say something different. Work at your own pace.

5. Haechan

If you want our dreams to come true, then dream that dream, remember it, and make plans to get there. If you go step by step, your dreams will come true.

6. Mark

To those who want to achieve their dreams, I want to say this: Please stay positive and persevere. You can do it!

7. Jungwoo

I believe that anyone who works hard to achieve their dreams will get there. Good outcomes come from good effort.

8. Taeyong

Your efforts will never betray you. All your efforts will pay off.

9. Jaehyun

No matter what, believe in yourself. And love yourself.

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