These Are The Most Replayed Moments Of 10+ NCT 127 Music Videos

It’s easy to see why viewers can’t get enough of these parts.

NCT 127‘s music videos are so intriguing that it makes sense that viewers can’t get enough of certain parts. With YouTube’s most replayed feature, you can see exactly which moments these are.

Here are the most replayed parts from 15 NCT 127 videos.

1. “Kick It”

The intro to this song is so captivating that it’s the most replayed part. It starts at 0:08.

2. “Cherry Bomb”

This dynamic video is exciting from start to finish. Viewers rewatch the very beginning the most, however.

3. “Regular” (English ver.)

Viewers of this video can’t get enough of the chorus, and it’s easy to see why. The clip starts at 0:52.

4. “Fire Truck”

Water hoses? Acrobatics? This part of the music video has it all; it’s no wonder it’s the most replayed section. The moment begins at 0:58.

5. “Sticker”

This is another video viewers couldn’t stop watching the beginning of. With the whistle tone and exciting visual elements, it checks out.

6. “Superhuman”

Starting at 1:01, viewers can’t stop watching the intricate choreography for this song.

7. “gimme gimme”

With both Yuta and Jaehyun up close and personal, it’s like being attacked twice. This clip starts at the 2:32 timestamp.

8. “Simon Says”

This song’s unique intro has viewers coming back for more. The clip starts at 0:23.

9. “Punch”

This video’s most replayed moment focuses on the robotic choreography at the beginning of the track, beginning at 0:07.

10. “Highway to Heaven”

The most replayed part of the video transitions from Taeyong‘s rap to Mark‘s rap verse. It starts at 1:07.

11. “Limitless” (Performance)

With the performance version of this music video, the viewer can easily see the group’s dance skills in action. The most replayed moment starts at 0:45.

12. “Chain”

With an iconic high note by Taeil and intense gazes, it’s only fitting that the most replayed moment of this video would start at 2:43.

13. “Favorite (Vampire)”

Many have found that this YouTube feature has exposed viewers based on what clip is the most replayed. It seems true here with this moment that starts at 0:12.

14. “Wakey-Wakey”

NCT always nails their choreography, so of course, the most replayed clip includes part of the dance. It begins at 1:16.

15. “TOUCH”

Since it’s one of the group’s lighter songs, it totally makes sense that the most replayed moment would be a sweet one. It starts at 1:29.