Here Are The Line Distributions For All 12 Songs On NCT 127’s “Neo Zone”

The member with the most lines has almost 3 times as many as the member with the least.

Neo Zone, released in March of this year, became NCT 127‘s best-selling album by a long shot with over 875,000 total sales. The popularity is definitely well-deserved, and it’s great to see this talented group do so well!

Since it did get so much hype and attention, you might be curious to know just how evenly the members’ lines were throughout the album, and whether or not they all got the same amount of time to shine in the lyrics.

Here are the line distributions for all 12 songs (excluding the interlude) on Neo Zone, as well as each member’s total lines from the entire album.

1. “Elevator (127F)”

2. “Kick It”

3. “Boom”

4. “Pandora’s Box”

5. “Day Dream”

6. “Mad Dog”

7. “Sit Down!”

8. “Love Me Now”

9. “Love Song”

10. “White Night”

11. “Not Alone”

12. “Dreams Come True”


Most lines: Doyoung (15.4%)

2nd: Taeil (14.7%)

3rd: Haechan (13.7%)

4th: Mark (13.2%)

5th: Taeyong (12.2%)

6th: Jaehyun (11.4%)

7th: Johnny (7.2%)

8th: Yuta (6.7%)

9th: Jungwoo (5.6%)