NCT 127 Show Off Their Unbelievable Duality In Shocking New Teaser

Have you ever seen a university class like this?

NCT 127 dropped the first teaser for their comeback coming up in September and it has us all shook!

NCT 127. | NCT 127/YouTube 

The teaser opened with the members lounging around in a common space, just chilling out, when all of a sudden it switched to a dark, dramatic atmosphere! Here’s a look at how each of the 9 members completely changed their whole vibe.

1. Jaehyun

Jaehyun is the first member seen in the teaser and his romantic visuals fit the college look so well. Even rocking a casual hoodie, Jaehyun still stuns!

Jaehyun of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube 

But when he shows up later in the teaser playing with his hair and decked out in accessories, he completely switches from an unassuming college student to  t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶d̶r̶e̶a̶m̶s̶ a mysterious rebel!

| NCT 127/YouTube  

2. Haechan

The maknae of the group, Haechan was so cute in the beginning of the teaser; he ate cereal out of a mug and ran around filming him and his members. Even if you didn’t know the group well, anyone could tell Haechan is the youngest by his bright personality!

Haechan of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube 

But his more mature side came out when he wore a white button-up with a tie. He even makes lollipops look cool! The maknae is all grown up now…

| NCT 127/YouTube  

3. Yuta

In true college student character, Yuta was hardcore gaming at the start of the teaser! His hair was parted down the middle and he wore these super thick glasses that fit the stereotypical image of a computer science major.

Yuta of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube

He does a complete 180, however, with his hair pushed back to expose his handsome visuals and wearing layered necklaces over his dark outfit.

4. Taeil

The eldest of the group, Taeil was super in character and so accurate to real-life; he multitasked by brushing his teeth while reading, and even laid down in bed while doing so! Students, we’ve all been there.

Taeil of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube

But Taeil shocked us all when he showed up in a black dress shirt while staring into the camera. His visuals are not to be underestimated!

| NCT 127/YouTube

5. Doyoung

Doyoung suits the studious image so perfectly; it feels so natural seeing him type away at his laptop, scratching his head in thought while wearing an oversized pair of glasses.

Doyoung of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube

His outfit change into a low-cut sleeveless shirt and animal print pants had us all screaming! Seriously, is it allowed to look this good?

| NCT 127/YouTube

And of course, they had to include these shots of Doyoung showing off his physique and his visuals!

| NCT 127/YouTube

6. Taeyong

Taeyong was truly channeling his inner Steve Jobs with this black turtleneck and blue jean combo. He looked unreasonably precious watching the fish in his aquarium swim around!

Taeyong of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube

The visual king did not disappoint with his second look. Taeyong had his hair pushed back and the way he looks into the camera is just too much to handle!

| NCT 127/YouTube

7. Johnny

Johnny, the coffee lover himself, was making himself a cup of joe with a very interesting method, dropping the water in using a pipette. It was so funny, unique, and very, very Johnny!

Johnny of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube

Johnny let his dark side out for his second look, though, swapping out his cozy flannel for a layered long-sleeve and work shirt. He oozed charisma while sitting in his chair and painting his nails black!

| NCT 127/YouTube

8. Mark

Mark was very into his scientific project at the beginning of the teaser, messing around with some kind of hardware. He wore a bright yellow hoodie that made him look like the quintessential college kid!

Mark of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube

That image took a complete turn when Mark appeared in a white turtleneck and t-shirt; his hair was styled and he wiped off his face with a towel hanging around his neck. Suddenly his “bad boy” image came out, and we’re obsessed!

| NCT 127/YouTube

9. Jungwoo

Last but certainly not least is Jungwoo, the member who kicked off the whole transition into the edgier 127. At first he wore a flannel over a t-shirt and walked around the room with his handheld device.

Jungwoo of NCT. | NCT 127/YouTube

But after giving the camera a deadly smirk, he and the rest of the members transformed!

| NCT 127/YouTube

Jungwoo showed off his unbeatable visuals and enviable physique in his Marine Serre crop top. We all gasped in shock at his overwhelming aura and couldn’t look away!

| NCT 127/YouTube

Check out the full teaser below!

Source: NCT 127