NCT 127’s “So Am I” Photos Matched With High School Senior Quotes Is The Best Thing Ever

They fit them too well.

NCT 127 released the cover for their upcoming single, and the photos reminded fans of senior portraits in a yearbook.

So, a fan by the username @0_miles got creative by giving each member a senior quote to keep in line with the theme.

1. Doyoung’s special humor

2. Haechan’s savage honesty

3. Jaehyun’s woke message to the masses

4. Johnny cheating the system

5. Jungwoo’s love for all things food-related

6. Mark’s unshakable faith

7. Taeil’s work smarter, not harder attitude

8. Taeyong’s ability to pull off anything

9. Winwin being underappreciated

Image credit: @ctzenivn

10. Yuta’s upbeat attitude

The quotes are surprisingly fitting, and here are some of the ones that didn’t make the cut.