23 Predebut Photos Of NCT’s Chenle Prove He Was More Of A Badass Than We’ll Ever Be

They don’t call him President Chenle for nothing!

NCT‘s Chenle may only be 16 going on 17, but he’s already led a more badass life than any of us will. When predebut pictures of him first surfaced on the internet, many netizens couldn’t get over how amazing they were. And we’re bringing them back because they’re just too awesome not to.

1. Chenle pulled out the big guns

chenle 3


2. No, I said big guns…

chenle 1

3. There we go!

chenle 2


4. But he doesn’t really need anything to be ballin’

chenle 4


5. The ladies already flocked to him


6. And we bet you don’t even need 5 guesses to pick out Chenle!

chenle 5


7. Maybe we should just call him President Chenle…

chenle 6

8. Since that’s what the rest of NCT call him!

chenle 7


9. And is it any wonder? He’s already got that rich chaebol air about him!

chenle 14

10. We can only hope to be half as fabulous as him

chenle 8


11. Don’t forget that this is probably Chenle’s weekend car

chenle 9


12. And he’ll always remind us that his future lies in music

chenle 10

13. Then again, he already has 3 solo albums out…

chenle albums


14. And totally killed it on China’s Got Talent when he was 9

15. You know he was totally swagging since birth

chenle 11


16. And a total heartbreaker

chenle 13

17. Of course Chenle was able to make a giant phone look cool!

chenle 12


18. I mean, how could he not with his style?

chenle 16


19. Chopping wood? Nothing’s too hard for Chenle!

chenle 17

20. Giant snakes? Nothing to be afraid of here!

chenle 15


21. Need someone to help you win a fight? Pick Chenle, we think he would totally win!

chenle 18

22. Chenle’s not spilling any tea…

chenle sipping tea


23. Because he’s always been this badass. Now how do we even get half of that?

chenle meme

Seriously, where?

. . .