NCT Would Choose Jaehyun, Johnny, And Yuta As Their Boyfriends If They Were Girls, Here’s Why

They really thought deeply about their reasons.

For CREA Magazine, NCT 127 were asked which of the members they would choose to be their boyfriend if they were girls. So, they ultimately selected three based on their own reasons.


#3. Jaehyun

Jaehyun captured the hearts of fans and non-NCTzens alike for being boyfriend material. So, it’s only fitting that NCT chose him themselves for the role, and it was for a heart-warming reason. Haechan said that Jaehyun is so affectionate that Haechan would always feel loved if they were dating, which is extremely important in any relationship.

#2. Johnny

Johnny has the visuals, charisma, and humor to make anyone fall for his charms, which is actually part of the reason why they selected him. He was Doyoung‘s choice because he felt like Johnny was someone he could not only depend on but also joke around with due to his good sense of humor. And, Mark said he’s good at taking care of people.

#1. Yuta

Although Jaehyun and Johnny had been tied for second place, Yuta unanimously came out on top. Taeil chose him because he views Yuta as striking the perfect balance between kind and manly. And, Johnny‘s reason had taken into account both their personalities: he thought him and Yuta would be a good match because they’d be able to take care of each other.


Since NCT 127 spend quite a lot of time together, it was simple for them to choose who would suit them best based on their own personalities and the experiences they’ve shared together. Were these reasons what you expected?