NCT Is Collaborating With Sanrio To Create Cute Merch, And Here Are 15+ NCTzen Reactions That Are Too Relatable

“After years of selling basketball necklaces and toothpaste, they finally got us.”

SM Entertainment announced on June 13 that it would be collaborating with Japanese company Sanrio to create merchandise based on the members of NCT and classic Sanrio characters.

Sanrio is known the world over for its popular characters such as Kuromi, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, and, of course, Hello Kitty.

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Hello Kitty | Sanrio

The NCT X Sanrio merchandise will see the members of NCT be matched with the popular Sanrio characters that best suit them, and NCTzens already know exactly what those matches should be. Here are 15+ NCTzen reactions to NCT’s collaboration with Sanrio that are too relatable!


1. We’re all probably thinking the same thing

2. It’s not even a question

3. Jaemin may be flawless in pink…


4. …but he could easily switch roles with Jeno and be Kuromi

5. In fact, he could be any of them!

6. But this just seems right

7. We’re all here for Pom Pom Purin Jaehyun

8. Kuromi is Doyoung’s spirit animal

9. Haechan, who can do any concept

10. And the most accurate award goes to…

11. It’s gonna be an interesting month

12. Doyoung may be Kuromi, but Mark is definitely My Melody

Except when he’s not.

13. It was right there in our faces…

14. The evidence adds up: Hendery is Bad Badtz-Maru

15. This had to be said

16. Accurate AF

17. Looks like SM Entertainment finally caught on!

18. Thank Johnny

Source: Twitter