7 Random Facts About NCT’s Beautiful-Voiced Doyoung That Everyone Should Know

He has beautiful vocals and beautiful visuals.

As one of the main vocalists in NCT U and NCT 127, Doyoung is known for his beautiful voice. He’s also known for his doll-like visuals and beauty!

In a group as big as all of NCT, it can be difficult for some members to stand out, but Doyoung doesn’t have any trouble with this! Whether you’re already a fan of this handsome vocalist or just want to learn more about him, here are 7 random facts about Doyoung that anyone should find interesting.

1. He comes from an athletic family.

Both of Doyoung’s parents, as well as his older brother, actor Gong Myung, are all very active and sporty! In fact, his father was a professional weightlifter, and his mother was a professional runner, both of which are really intense, impressive occupations! Unlike his parents and sibling, however, Doyoung was never interested in athletics.

2. He has a particularly useful skill.

Due to his mature and straightforward personality as a child, Doyoung was actually the president of his class by the time he was 9. He was great at debating, and could even have constructive arguments with his uncle when he was 7 or 8. His mother actually wanted him to become an attorney because of this skill! However, Doyoung always wanted to be a singer.

3. He was popular in school.

Thanks to his many attractive traits and skills, Doyoung didn’t lack for friends in his school years! He was vice president of his class in high school, as well as known for his singing. In fact, he was in a band called Heart Track at school, and he also won 1st place in a vocal ensemble competition!

4. He wasn’t discovered by SM Entertainment by chance.

Unlike some idols who were discovered by chance, or others that went through the audition process, Doyoung was discovered another way through his hard work and determination. He longed to be a professional singer, so he took part in various local festivals and events as a vocalist. Finally, when he took part in the Gyeonggi Youth Arts Festival in 2013, a representative at SM Entertainment contacted him and he was able to join as a trainee.

5. He lied to his friends about becoming an idol.

When Doyoung joined SM Entertainment, he told his friends that he was going to drop out of school — but he said it was because he was going abroad, not because of his acceptance to the company. So later, when his friends saw him in a video about SM Entertainment’s trainees, they were shocked!

6. He had an unusual pre-debut job.

Only a short while after being introduced as a trainee, Doyoung was actually given the role of being a co-host of Show Champion with Jaehyun, which was highly unusual for a trainee. Given his already well-developed speaking skills, however, he performed the job flawlessly! He has later hosted shows such as M Countdown and Inkigayo as well, due to how natural of an MC he is.

7. He has a relatable habit.

Due to Doyoung’s nice physique, one might think that he has always exercised a lot to keep it in shape, but that’s not the case! In fact, he considers practicing NCT’s choreographies enough exercise, and when he’s not working, he is often glued to his bed and doesn’t want to work out at all. He has even said that he would want teleportation as a superpower just so he could get home faster!

Hopefully you learned something new and interesting about this sweet-voiced idol!

Source: Doyouram


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